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Monday, January 01, 2007

Portable Solar Power for $180

For about $180, I brought together all the components needed to power a typical laptop for a couple hours solely on solar power. It's great for emergencies, or just knowing you are powering something real with a completely renewable resource.

This kit weighs about 2 lbs, costs $180, and will power my Macbook for 1.75 hours (1.83ghz, browsing the web and checking email via Airport Extreme, bluetooth off, screen brightness about 70%) with a little more than 5 hours of good sun. Here's what it takes:

Solar Panel

I bought my panel on ebay for $80. It's a 15 watt foldable panel, weighing 1.6 lbs with folded dimensions of 10.5" x 8.5" x .75". Easy to stuff in a backpack, to say the least. It outputs power via an SAE 2-prong trailer plug.

Sunlinq 25W Foldable Panel. The included accessory kit means you don't need to buy any more cables, but it's prohibitively expensive at $374
Build your own.


I like the Powerpacks offered by Xantrex, because they bundle a battery and an inverter into one package, meaning there are fewer cables to connect and it's easier to use. I got a Powersource Mobile for $95 from Amazon a couple weeks ago; they've since raised the price, but you can find it elsewhere for about the same. It weighs less than a pound, has a 4 amp hour lithium ion battery, with a three pronged AC outlet as well as two USB ports.

Better: Powerpack 600 HD. With 3 AC plugs, a built-in flashlight and radio, and a 28 A-hr battery, you can do a lot more with this. It only costs $130, but it weighs almost 30 lbs.
Cheaper: Xpower Pocket Power Pac 100. It's a little clunkier, but has a 3.3 A-hr NiMH battery and is almost as compact as the Powersource Mobile, for only $65.

CLA Adapter

To connect the solar panel to the battery, you're going to need an adapter to go from the 2-prong trailer plug to a cigarette lighter. You can buy it alone for about $5, or you can buy an accessory kit with a few other nice cables for $18.

Closing Thoughts

If you plan to let this sit for days on end, or plan to get a solar panel with more wattage than I had, I would highly recommend getting a charge controller to prevent damaging your battery.

Through trying this out, I found that it is very hard to get 5 hours of good sun in Chicago in the winter. It's a great feeling when it works, but not practical for day-to-day use.

While the folding panel itself is small, unfolded it's fairly large. The best places I found to lay it out were on a roof or in a park.

I would really like something even easier to use, such as a backpack with solar panels on it. Voltaic solar bags are close, but not really practical for powering a laptop. Yet.


  • At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It would seem you could achieve higher power efficient by NOT using the 120VAC cigarette lighter adapter with the Mac's power brick. This solar power setup described is apparently doing the following voltage conversions:

    1. 12VDC (from solar panel) -> 2. 120VAC (power inverter) -> 3. 12VDC (macbook power brick)

    Each conversion costs you in power efficiency. You may be better off trying to adapt Apple's Magsafe Airline Adapter, which converts from the 15VDC power provided on some airliners to the DC power that the macbook expects.

    Note that one thing you lose from using the direct DC voltage method is the ability to charge your battery.

  • At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for posting this.. (found your blog via way of digg.. or metafilter or lord knows what else).

    Anyway, I was in a similar situation and had been looking for random solutions.

    Thanks for the solution ideas.

  • At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Print Web Design Perth Australia said…

    The timing of your article is uncanny. I live in Australia and the lack of people harnessing the sun's power is shocking.

    Wanting to do exactly what you have achieved - I did a trip over the weekend visiting some electrical supply stores but with my limited knowledge of electronics, I didn't achieve very much.

    Your great post is a well timed find and has certainly put me on the right track for building my own. Many thanks!

  • At 6:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    After seeing this, I was immediately intrigued, especially since I took the time to find all the connectors to charge my electronic devices via USB, thus only needing juice for the laptop.

    However, looking on eBay, I could not find a panel offering more than 13 Watts for under $90, let alone the 20 Watts you suggested (guess you drove up demand).

    But I *was* able to find an 18W compact panel for $150 that was only 15x17x1. So for an extra 1/4 inch thickness, a footprint just slightly wider than the laptop itself, and an extra 2 pounds, you can avoid requiring a 5 ft square footprint unfolded, bringing you closer to the "backpack-mounted"-type panel you were looking for (if you had a backpack with a transparent face). You'll also need to cut those ridiculous connectors and connect a cigarette adapter, but those are $0.50.

    You could also buy a set of cells for about $80 and a $20 jumpsuit and wire up a whole suit with solar power. You'd be a walking generator.

  • At 10:11 AM, Blogger Ian Wood said…

    I use 65 watts' worth of solar panels, which will charge my laptop's 35 watt-hour Li-ion battery in a little over three hours. That's 2.5 hours run time, for a laptop that takes about 65 watts to run. I use a DC-DC converter that nominalizes the voltage to 13.8V at 85% efficiency, and charge the laptop directly, using its DC adapter.

    How are you getting 1.75 hours of runtime off of a 15-watt panel in five hours?

    That doesn't add up at all.

  • At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    GREAT IDEA, just ordered one for my ICP solar panel. BE Careful. I blew up two inverters using a 20 watt solar panel. Apparently the open voltage of the panel is 25 volts and that is too much.

    What is the input voltage on the battery pack (what does the ac adapter say?)

  • At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Chase said…

    hello, thanks for your post. it was very helpful. the only problem i'm having is where can i find a connector that plugs in the male 2 or 3 pronged power source plug into the female cigarette lighter plug? if you don't mind, email me at chasemadden@gmail.com

  • At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for the ideas. I am trying to figure out how to power a 110V credit card processor without doing the power-invertor-off-the-car's-battery-routine.

    PS Hope you win your trip !

  • At 5:06 PM, Blogger Dave said…

    I tried this set up with all the same equipment except the panel is a 12 watt panel. What I found is that the panel won't charge the powersource 100 for some reason. The powersource charges with the AC wall socket so its not that. I used a multimeter to measure the power output from the panel so thats working. Anyone have any ideas why its not charging?

    also when the panel is set up with the powersource the powersource does light up and blink likes its charging but thats it. Sometimes when the sun dims and starts up again the pack wil beep and blink at the same time.

    love some help or suggestions.

  • At 3:38 PM, Blogger Jin said…

    It would be nice to create a trickle charger that skips the inverter and charges the laptop directly with DC from solar (more efficient). Does someone have advice on how to do this? This is what I know:

    - Someone here suggested the Apple Magsafe airline adapter, but that won't work according to the fine print on apple's website. It supposedly will run but not charge your macbook.

    - I'm told that I would need a diode (ideal diode would be best) that prevents current from flowing out of the macbook when the sun goes away. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to buy or build this kind of diode for an 18.1V solar panel? I don't have a lot of circuit soldering experience but I'm willing to learn. Just not sure what components to look for to create a diode like this.

    - The voltage of the solar panel matches the voltage fo the Macbook. I have what looks like the same foldable solar panel pictured in this blog, (20W 1.1A / 18.1V Max Power) bought off of ebay. The voltage is within the range of the voltage the Macbook takes from the power brick. I know this because the Macbook power brick outputs 16.5V and the Macbook Pro power brick outputs 18.35V. The Macbook works fine with the Macbook Pro power brick.

    Therefore, it seems like I just need the right diode for the 18.1V solar panel to trickle charge my Macbook. Anybody got any suggestions?

  • At 3:45 PM, Blogger Jin said…

    Some other notes from my research that could help you:

    - As another comment states, solar panels look more expensive now so $180 for the whole setup described is probably unrealistic. $260 is probably more likely.

    - Some people may find the Coolbook product useful. I haven't tried it but it claims to "undervolt" the CPU which helps save energy and extend battery life.

  • At 8:06 AM, Blogger Dave said…


    you might want to use the charge controller he mentioned above cause it does what your describing and only makes the current go one direction and protects the battery from draining when not charging.

    and I did get everything he mentioned above for actually less then 180 a month ago... just have to be thrifty.

    But im thinking the powersource 100 just dosn't work well or work at all with the panel. its still a great 2nd battery to have and travel with. But not with this solar panel. IM thinking if you got the bigger pack in the article it can trickle charge. That will be a test some other day.

  • At 8:19 PM, Blogger Day said…


    Thanks for representing Northwestern so well. I'm a sophomore here and I've found it a welcoming place for environmentalists. Are you a member of SEED? I don't know what you're planning on doing next year, but I'm a co-chair for Spring 2008's Greencup, the campus-wide, energy-saving competition. It seems you could have some helpful pointers for us. We're done for the school year as far as club meetings go, but I'd love to talk with you before the end of the year- facebook me! And keep up the good work!

    Day Greenberg

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